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Yard Sales have been increased to allow six (6) yard sales a year for city residents, not including City Wide Yard Sale and 100 Mile Yard Sale.  

Jan 01, 2018

Permit Required for Yard Sales

A Yard/Garage Sale permit can be obtained at Greenfield City Hall.  No permit will be issued without first filling out the permit application.  No fee is required for the permit.
A yard/garage sale permit is required for all sales within the city limits of Greenfield.  
City Hall shall issue one (1) permit per sale. 
The issued permit must be displayed in a visible location at the time of sale. 
Section 620.020 No person shall advertise, conduct, carry on or permit more than six (6) garage sales upon the grounds of or within any dwelling within any calendar year.  
No sales shall be advertised, conducted, carried on or permitted within the City prior to the issuance of a numbered permit by the City Clerk, upon the application of such person. 
Any sign or advertisement posted within the City must bear the permit number applicable to the said sale. 
Section 620.030 No person shall conduct, carry on, or permit a garage sale to last more than three (3) days. 
The Area should be cleared of merchandise and all other related material at the close of the event.

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