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Perks to living in a Small Town

Life in a small town moves at a slower pace which translates to many people as more family time.  Children being raised in a small town generally go to school with the same kids for years and grow up knowing everyone in their class.  Most activities are free or cheap such as story time at the local library, swimming lessons at the city pool, or local youth sports teams.  Many parents and members of the community are always willing to pitch in and help coach teams, do fundraisers, and several other duties to benefit the community as a whole.  Community support is often times huge in a small town, with having only one (1) high school the whole town turns out to cheer on our students!  There is also a sense of security that comes with living in a small town because most everyone knows each other. 

Small towns offer a sense of ease and relaxation.  Instead of getting stuck in the congested traffic in a city, you might instead find yourself driving behind a tractor but the scenic views of farms, orchards, trees and a gorgeous lake just a few miles outside city limits make for a beautiful setting.  Studies have shown that environments can reduce or increase stress. People that are exposed to more natural scenery have less stress.  Nature and the great outdoors fosters creativity in many people.   Children can enjoy a bike ride around the neighborhood and summer time spent outside playing and exploring.

There are several financial reasons to live in a small town.  General services are cheaper in a small town with majority of businesses being “mom-and-pop” owned.  They are locally ran and therefore have less overhead cost and prices stay lower.  Small businesses have less competition in a small town and also enjoy loyal customers.  Generally taxes are even cheaper in a smaller town than a big city.  The cost for housing is much more affordable whether you are buying or renting.  You can get more “bang for your buck” in a smaller town when purchasing a home. 


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