Public Utilities

Maintenance workers ensure the efficient operation, maintenance, and repair of water distribution, wastewater collection system, City streets and related duties.  Maintenance workers perform skilled, manual labor work. 
The Maintenance Department maintain the City’s water distribution and wastewater collection systems in a safe, effective, and efficient manner in order to protect public health and safety; while ensuring compliance with rules and regulations.
This position is responsible for daily operation maintenance required, meter reading, installing valves and fire hydrants, making water and sewer taps, repairing water and sewer leaks, installing new water and sewer mains, upkeep of City streets, drainage issues, and operating heavy equipment.  Assures that operations are within required standards. 


Casey  Jones

Casey Jones

Sewer Systems Supervisor

Andy  Miller

Andy Miller

Public Utilities Supervisor
Phone 417-637-2532
Fax 417-637-0403

City of Greenfield
105 S Grand St.
Greenfield, MO  65661
Phone: 417-637-2532
Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm


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