Water & Sewer

For all water and sewer users, bills are due by the 10th of each month.  If the 10th falls on a weekend or holiday, bills will be due the next business day. Late fees will be added the day after the due date.  Shut offs will occur 12 days after the due date. 

The reconnect fee in all cases where service has been shut off or disconnected for failure to pay water and/or sewer bills, shall be $25.00 for the first time reconnection is made, $50.00 for the second time reconnection is made, and $75.00 the third time reconnection is made.  If there is a problem paying the bill call City Hall at (417) 637-2532 to make arrangements for payment. 

Online bill pay is now an option for paying your bill.  There will be a service fee for all debit & credit card payments.  For amounts ranging from .01¢ - $150.00, the fee will be $2.75, for amounts ranging from $150.01 - $5000.00, the fee will be $2.75%. This service fee is charged by a third-party company to cover the cost of the secure & convenient payment service.  Alternate payment options (without fees) will remain in place. 

Water & Sewer

Our city has two (2) water towers, East and West.  The city water supply is fed from groundwater that passes through the following treatment before it is considered safe for use: 

1.   Water enters the facility through a pipe with a metal grill to keep out large debris. 

2.   At the pumping station a preliminary screening is done to remove debris. 

3.   Once the debris is removed, raw water enters the treatment plant.  The water is dirty and considered unsafe to drink.  Activated carbon is added to the water to remove bad taste and odor. 

4.   The water enters mixing tanks to coagulate and be filtered mechanically, removing all particulate matter.  

5.   The water is chlorinated by a technician to destroy bacteria and viruses.  Treated water then is pumped to reservoirs, which are elevated by water towers.  

6.   Once water is used, it is discharged into a sewer system and treated before being safely discharged. 

Casey  Jones

Casey Jones

Sewer Systems Supervisor

Andy  Miller

Andy Miller

Public Utilities Supervisor
Phone 417-637-2532
Fax 417-637-0403

City of Greenfield
105 S Grand Ave.
Greenfield, MO  65661
Phone: 417-637-2532
Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 4:30pm

Water & Sewer Security Deposits

Water and Sewer Security Deposits shall be $175.00 for all residential and business locations; unless the occupant has an unpaid account balance, then the Security Deposit shall be $225.00.  

The Deposit must be paid prior to initiation and start of service.

WATER- First 1000 gallons 


WATER- Per 1000 gallons over


SEWER- First 1000 gallons


SEWER- Per 1000 gallons over



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